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The best word to describe Mundial knives is classic: classic shape, classic feel, classic construction. The quality of Mundial cutlery is undeniable. Like most traditional European knives, these blades are hefty and rugged. At the same time, they're expertly balanced and admirably sharp. And because Mundial builds them from the ground up, they're also amazingly affordable. No matter how you cut it, these knives are winners. Were they made by anyone else, they'd easily sell for twice the price.

Through a rigorous quality control program, Mundial oversees every stage of their knife production (from the refining of the steel to the honing of the blade) and regularly submits all of their knives to independent, third-party evaluation where they consistently rank amongst the best in the world. Mundial knives are hand-forged from high-carbon stainless steel, fitted with durable polyacetal handles that will not stain or crack, and backed up with a lifetime guarantee.



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